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UFOseek.com was founded in 1998 as a human-edited "UFO phenomenon" directory and search engine dedicated to UFO, Paranormal, Religious, Spiritual and unexplainable subjects. Over the years Ufoseek became very large and popular UFO paranormal directory on the web. You can submit your UFO or paranormal site to Ufoseek for free. However, we only index quality sites with related UFO, paranormal content.

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Unidentified flying object

This site is about the folklore surrounding UFOs u.f.o.s alien UFOs aliens in the stars UFOs at roswell Ufology, the study of UFOs unidentified flying objects area 51 the Air Force project bluebook and project grudge. The military and UFOS. Are UFOS and aliens mass hysteria ? Did the brookings institute decide we are not ready for alien life. The government cover-up of cattle mutilations alien abductions and UFOs.Also explored are theories regarding mj12 documents majestic 12 (magic-12) UFO Extraterrestrial visitations
UFOs and aliens in the history of the world . ET & NASA astronauts. Famous presidents and public officials speak of UFOs and aliens. This site also contains UFO pictures UFO videos UFO evidence UFO artwork alien artwork UFO news UFO Reports UFOs in modern culture alien abductions ancient UFOs SETI evidence of UFOs alien visitations aliens in modern culture and the myths and folklore of the paranormal. Crop Circles cattle mutilations and they fit into the structure of Society. Famous UFO and alien encounters by Betty Hill Kenneth Arnold Stan Friedman Art Bell Greys Travis Walton pliedians. Sightings of chupacara sightings of UFOs at Area 51 Area-51 sightings of aliens. Current News UFOs in the Bible UFO Gallery UFOs crashing at roswell UFOs at nasa UFOs at missile silos. UFO abductions alien abductions x files UFO UFOs Extraterrestrial This is not a x-files site nor an xfiles site. Men in black or MIB are found here as well as Jimmy Carter's UFO sighting. Jackie Gleason a UFO believer Barry GOldwater and aliens at Wright Patterson Air Force Base Close encounters are documents as alien abductions. Unidentified flying objects Face on mars life on mars life beyond earth alein life Are flying triangles secret military technology The CIA FBI NSA Roles in the alien abduction and UFO reality. Are UFOs and aliens visiting Washington DC ?
UFO Folklore for the best in UFO news UFOs ufology men in black MIB UFO sightings alien abductions flying saucers crash in roswell mufon cufon UFOs mufon sightings cufos sightings cufos and aliens sightings aliens military UFOs area51 UFOs area 51 UFOs area 51 crop circles Aliens Flying Saucers Roswell Area 51 in roswell UFO abductions UFOs the paranormal ufology UFOs UFOs Aliens Flying Saucers Roswell Area 51 Extraterrestrial abductions UFOs & the paranormal ufology & UFOs aliens and NASA UFO sightings ufobbs UFO aliens aliens and UFOs area 51 UFO videos UFO pictures UFO visits anti gravity government cover-up UFO conspiracies UFOs and the President majestic 12 majic mj-12 men in black MIB UFOs and NASA sightings by presidents Flying Triangles UFOs in mexico UFOs in Europe UFOs in Asia UFOs seen by Astronauts avi mpeg video clips of UFOs