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 Quality website design:

Quality website design is essential for successful business. It is important to understand what quality web design is all about. Anybody can learn FrontPage and make a site within a couple of days, but quality website design is so much more; it's about information design, browser compatibility, accessibility, search engine optimization, security and much more. You need to think like your potential audience to achieve the best information design and navigation.
One of the most common mistakes made by amateurs is to put their unprotected email address on their site; there are spam robots searching the internet 24/7 to find unprotected email addresses on the internet and send the spam. Only programmers are able to develop interactive and secure websites.
How to protect your email address on your site.

Why me?

I specialize in information design and search engine optimization, so all the websites I develop are easy to navigate, search engine friendly and maximally optimized. If you are looking for a low-cost website option, take a look at prepared website packages. To build a quality website takes about 20 hours for a site up to 10 pages (if the content is ready). If I were a careless webmaster, using a cheap editor and not looking at the code, and if I didn't care about search engine optimization and browser compatibility and testing, then the 10 page website would take me about half an hour.

About database driven websites:

I prefer PHP, MySql application as the most secure and stable method available today. I can set up an online store, a membership site, or any database driven site.

About PHP programming:

I don't improvise much, because to develop a quality secure system takes years and it requires the work of many independent programmers to ensure the security, stability and functionality. So behind all my E-commerce design I'm using scripts made by known professional programmers.

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