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Czech Republic facts:
(Geography, Climate, People, Religions, Age structure, Birth rate, Death rate, HIV/AIDS rate, Ethnic groups, Executive branch, Legislative branch, International organization participation, Economy, Exports, Imports, Disputes - international, Illicit drugs).

And don't forget:
 I also have some good connections with people in Europe who operate in an export and import business. I can help with any business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I have a vast knowledge of the internet world in those two countries so I can easily set up web based marketing campaigns or do any kind of research


Czech Republic History:
(Czechs, History of the Republic, The History of Beer in the Czech Lands)

Gallery of Czech architecture:
(mostly  Castles and chateaux some of them are way over 1000 years old.. the last two pictures is my home city Liberec, little town about 200 000 people)


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