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Macromedia Links

http://www.macromedia.com/ - Home page of Macromedia
www.macromedia.com/exchange - The Macromedia Exchange
www.macromedia.com/support/flash - Web support site for Flash
www.macromedia.com/exchange/flash - Part of the Exchange devoted to Flash 
www.macromedia.com/software/player_census/flashplayer - See the updated daily total distribution of Flash Player
www.macromedia.com/support/flash/ts/documents/oldplayers.htm - Check the old versions of Flash Player for compatibility
www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prodh - Download Flash Player

Software and Resource Links

http://www.flaxfx.com/ - FlaX has 22 different effects that also are very customizable
http://www.goldshell.com/ - Flash Forge converts your Macromedia Flash files into a screen saver and also offers an installer
http://www.northcode.com/ - SWF Studio creates both screen savers and standalone projectors
http://www.swifftools.com/ - Screenweaver enables you to create screen savers from Flash or Director Projectors
www.opaque.net/ming - Ming is a free utility used in conjunction with other programming languages to produce SWF files by programming directly in another language
http://www.blue-pac.com/ - Home of  PHP Flash Turbine and Direct Flash Turbine
http://www.flashjester.com/ - Home of JTools, Creator, Jugglor and Woof
http://www.killersound.com/ - Offers a royalty-free library of loops, SoundSets, and sound effects
http://www.loopfrog.com/ - Offers royalty-free loops and some free sound effects
http://www.soundrangers.com/ - Offers royalty-free loops, sound effects, sound packs
http://www.hi-type.com/ - This is good source for screen fonts
http://www.pcfonts.com/ - fonts
http://www.macfonts.com/ - fonts
http://www.chank.com/ - Here's a whole collection of irreverent and funky fonts
http://www.fontface.com/ -Hundreds of free fonts at this site
php.resourceindex.com - The PHP Resource Index
http://www.php4.net/ - PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language
http://www.zend.com/ - Where PHP meets eBusiness
http://www.figleaf.com/ - This book was written by employees of Fig Leaf Software
http://www.flashcfm.com/ - Flash and ColdFusion application development
http://www.flashkit.com/ - A Flash Developer Resource Site
http://www.ultrashock.com/ - The Ultimate Knowledge Base for Multimedia Developers
www.digitalproducer.com/aHTM/HomeSet.htm - News, Tools and Techniques for Content Creation
http://www.flash-sounds.com/ - A subscription-based site that offers unlimited access to high-quality loops, chords, voices, and sound effects
http://www.3dark.com/ - Resource site for 3-D modelers
chattyfig.figleaf.com - FlashCoders, PowerHousev & FlashNewbie. A very high-traffic list specifically for Flash programmers
www.chinwag.com/flasher/info.shtml - A great site for both designers and Flash techies
groups.yahoo.com/group/FLASHmacromedia - A moderated discussion group for all levels of Flash users
www.muinar.com/flashpro - A good site for professional (experienced) designers and programmers
hotwired.lycos.com/animation - Flash cartoon site, with plenty of animations to see
http://www.wildbrain.com/ - Animated shorts and previews done in Flash, for inspiration

Cool links

NSSDC Photo Gallery - NASA gallery

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