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I do Flash banners, because I love to make them, and also that's where the future is heading. Flash banners have a powerful branding effect. Banners on the web are like the Internet's billboards... only better. Imagine you are driving down the road and you see a billboard for vacationing in the Czech Republic. Imagine you could drive into the billboard and get an even richer experience of that vacation, all the details on how to get there, and a ticket at the end. Flash banners have some advantages, most likable are the file size and interactive effects.
Well-done banner ad campaigns will continue to be the staple of Internet advertising for the future. Banners will be on the Internet forever. It is currently a billion dollar industry. Banners or any other internet marketing campaigns don't work for those selling junk. Flash banners can bring plenty of traffic, but if the offer on the web site is not strong enough to motivate the visitor to buy, join or contact the web site owner, then that is not the banner's fault. The banner can only do for you what banners can do. The right banner, in the right banner exchange program, at the right time can do wonders. Banners are not the be-all advertising method. They are just one very important piece in a larger marketing strategy.

If you plan to sell products online you have to inspire a level of trust in your visitors before they are willing to
input their credit card numbers on your web site.

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