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Search Engine Optimization Warning

Trying to game the search engines is a never-ending rise of war. SEOs will figure out new methods of gaming the search engines, and search engines will block those cheats, and SEOs will work out more ways of getting around it. The problem is that all the while, the search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated, and it's getting harder and harder to figure out new cheats that will work. Sooner or later -- the search engines will catch up with SEO cheaters.
I think SEO is not about tricking the search engines. It is about understanding what elements search engines look for on a page to help correlate the importance of the page to a search term. By knowing what page elements the search engines take into account and making adjustments to better present your page, you can get better rank for a search term.

Don't optimize too aggressively:

Keyword Optimization, such as changes to Meta tags, Title tags, Heading tags, density and on-the-page placement of keywords and key-phrases can
lead to problems if perceived to be over-optimized.
New filters seem to be working to eliminate over-optimization. This isn't just a single item check anymore. It's as if the search engine filters construct a profile of an over-optimized site, then measure all other sites against that profile. All the possible permutations add up, and it might take only a very small change to push a site over the edge into now forbidden territory.

Avoid hidden text or hidden links, meaning
links with the same color as your background, or CSS "display none."

Don't employ cloaking or sneaky redirects. Especially JavaScript redirect is prohibited. If you need redirect use server side redirect. If you are on Linux server use 301 redirect, don't use 302.

Don't use doorway pages (pages created for search engines redirecting to different pages).

Don't send automated queries to Google, and don't hire the company who promises you to submit to 100,000 search engines. The best is manual submission, which takes time.

Don't load pages with irrelevant words.
Don't create multiple pages, sub-domains, or domains with substantially duplicate content.

Do not use frames; a lot of the search engines do not support them, and it restricts your listing potential.

Don't use Repeated Keywords.
"Spamming" certain keywords will also do your site more harm than good. Some engines work on a relevancy percentage. I.e.: if you have 10 keywords, each keyword will be given a 10% relevancy for your site.

Do not link sites to each other, meaning sub-domains that link back and forth. Google is saying that the strategy is unwise.

Don't use Java and javaScript for displaying text
The use of Java is fantastic on your web page, though an excessive use of Java will often hinder a search engine spider. This in turn will lower your chances of being indexed by the engines.

Don't use Flash
Though flash looks great, it does not contain any text or information about your site. Spiders will not only have trouble indexing pages with flash, but they will not find much information to index you with either, hence affecting your ranking.

I have seen many desperate webmasters whose websites were banned by Google and they have lost 90% of all the traffic. Most of those webmasters had purchased search engine optimization in the past, from one of those SEO companies who were promising top 10 search engine rank and 100% traffic increase, etc. So don't try to trick search engines or you will end up the same.

Google proclaims:

"... We will not comment on the individual reasons a page was removed and we do not offer an exhaustive list of practices that can cause removal ... If you think your site may fall into this category, you might try 'cleaning up' the page and sending a re-inclusion request to help@google.com. We do not make any guarantees about if or when we will re-include your site." - http://www.google.com/webmasters/2.html

In order to get "back into" the Google database, you have couple of choices. Buy a new domain name and start all aver again, or try to Apologize to
Google help@google.com

Sample letter:

Dear Google,

I am the owner of http://www.yourDomain.com .
I was not aware that participation in Link Exchanges and other practices employed on my site could cause it to be dropped from Google. I now understand that linking for page rank, doorway pages, and keyword stuffing are not acceptable. I apologize for having used these techniques on my website. I've removed all questionable content and
links from the site. I promise not to repeat these mistakes.
I am asking you to please consider reinstating my website,
http://www.yourDomain.com, into the Google Index.

[ Your Name ]

Remember, there's no guarantee of reinstatement, or any timeframe to go by. If your site provides great content, created to help your visitors, rather than to be read by search engines, it'll stand a much better chance of being forgiven, and selected for readmission.

Search engines aren't out to punish site owners in general, or any site owner in particular. Google's business plan calls for the best possible search results for their users. That means they are constantly updating their methods, filters and algorithms to achieve that goal. What squeaks by the algorithm today, might not do so tomorrow, next week, or next month.

Webmaster World A Dropped Site Checklist

8/10/2004 by Miro Hvezda


content is important --- Wednesday, April 20 2005, 19:05

Search engines love content. Customers love content. Why not give them what they want?

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