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This is a  very interesting error in HTML -- the html bug.

The simple link tag:  <a href="somesite.htm">link</a>

I have two link tags; one is a copy of the other, and the first one is not linked. The link is shown like simple text only. I have been playing with this for some time now. I decided to publish it, so I can hear opinions from others. I have tried to find an explanation on Google.com or PremiumFinder.com research center, but with no success. I didn't find anything similar to this matter; I feel like these things are happening only to me. If you have seen something similar, or you know something about HTML bugs, please submit your comments on the bottom of this page.
Here is the HTML bug – it will open a new window (view the code! --- download it and play with it).  Please add your comments on this page.

4/14/2004 by Miro Hvezda


test test --- Saturday, August 7 2004, 17:38

test test test

Missing " --- Wednesday, December 15 2004, 17:13

In the line you missed a \" on the after text/css. Put the \" in place and your link will be there. I guess when the browser is parsing the code it starts with search for strings and ends in the middle of your link. Cheers

MIRO --- Saturday, December 25 2004, 12:51

Yea you are right, so now I can delete this page so I don’t look like a fooooool but it’s interesting isn’t it? Just wondering how fast did you figure this out..?

Tom --- Tuesday, January 4 2005, 00:21

hmmm the code in the BODY is correct and one little mistake in the HEAD and here you go

LuckyMan --- Friday, June 10 2005, 11:50

There is a mistake on the 6th line, you forgot to write \" sign at the end. This line is in your page: Ant this line has been corrected: Take a look at these diffrences, and think about it...

LuckyMan --- Friday, June 10 2005, 11:51

There is a mistake on the 6th line, you forgot to write \\\" sign at the end. This line is in your page: <link REL=\"stylesheet\" href=\"../default.css\" TYPE=\"text/css> Ant this line has been corrected: <link REL=\"stylesheet\" href=\"../default.css\" TYPE=\"text/css\"> Take a look at these diffrences, and think about it...

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