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About Windows XP Tricks 

So here is how I set up Windows XP for the best performance. I learned this after years of experience with this Operating System. As an intense internet user and web developer, I have to reinstall my Operating System (OS) on a regular basis every three or four months. A couple of my friends were always calling me every time they needed to reinstall and setup Windows, so I have written all the steps I do, and that's how this tutorial all began. You can learn from it, or use it to set up better
performance of your Windows XP.

  • Windows XP Security
  • Update your windows and internet explorer
  • Always use a firewall
  • There is a build-in firewall in windows XP
  • The hacker will only need your username
  • Always use antivirus software
  • Spy scanner software

  • Windows XP Tricks
  • Turn off the Messenger service (the grey pop up messages used for commercial purposes)
  • Disable other useless services in Windows
  • Speeding up Windows XP startup
  • Shutdown Windows XP faster
  • Synchronize your computer clock

  • Windows XP Set up for the best performance
  • Turn off indexing to speed up Windows XP
  • Turn off the graphic performance
  • Clean your Prefetch to improve performance

4/12/2004 by Miro Hvezda


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