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One of my recommendations for every business is to start selling on eBay and to advertise with Google and Yahoo. You will need to have a quality website to have success. Also you need to make your sites search engine friendly, and try to make other content-rich websites, so you can drive visitors from those sites to your commercial site. I'm not talking about doorway pages used in the past as page rank boosters. Today robots are smart and will penalize every site which is using those prohibited techniques. You need to create interesting pages with unique content, something like this one I made about the Czech Republic. When you have the website finished, you need to build up your page rank so search engines can take your site seriously. The only way to do this is to have your link on different sites. So one way to do this is to create some interesting sites with unique content and have your links there, or ask another webmaster to put your link on his site, you can ask me and I will put your links on my sites. It will help a lot with your page rank, especially if you have a new site. I don't exchange links with sites with zero page rank. If your site has a zero page rank, you will have to pay to have a link on my sites, because any link pointing to sites with zero page rank can negatively influence page rank on my site.
Also, I offer banner advertising (banner design) on all my sites (I have many sites). Know that building up the page rank takes years.  If you could buy 100 back links from someone at once for your new page, you will not see any results for about 4 to 8 months.  

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